The Devolution of Man (Part 5) … The Heart of the Matter

“Barabbas! Give us Barabbas! We want our sodomy and abortion!”

In a previous post I inserted a piece from “Blessed Bucky” who is brilliantly rebutting many of the unsubstantiated attacks on Bishop Morlino in a recent Wisconin State Journal article and open letter from disgruntled Call To Action (Catholics?).

The piece below begins by quoting one of the comments to the article, and then BB gives the rebuttal. Besides pointing out that the attacks to Bishop Morlino are vague, BB gets to the heart of the matter … there would be no outcry if there were no issues of sodomy and abortion on the table. BB is only saying what we all are thinking … and saying it well.

Also, I must applaud the following insight: Those who reject the truth but can’t attack it, always try to put together arguments regarding the ‘way’ he taught it, blah, blah, blah.” Priests who are trying to teach what the Church teaches are receiving the same bullying tactics from the liberals in their own parishes. Please pray for them.

Original (all too familiar) quote receiving rebuttal:

Reading these comments and the open letter, one must be saddened with people not listening to each other. The critique of the bishop’s leadership style and methods is very different from critique of his legitimacy and theology. One tradition theology example may help – if an individual speaks “truth”, but does so with the effect or intent of destruction or evil, then the individual has sinned.

To justify bullying, dismissal, and patronage (replacing qualified individuals by others less qualified, but attached personally – as the bishop has done since day one) by appealing to “truth” is also simply sinful. I do not presume to speak ad hominen about the bishop, but about his style of leadership.

The bishop was not made a good leader by his ordination. He was not made compassionate or caring by the laying on of hands. These are human traits and skills which should commend someone to office, but in this case, must be learned. He has not.

Thank you for your post. The problem with it is, as usual, vagueness. Please be more specific with concrete examples of:

1) His speaking truth “with the … intent of destruction.”

2) “bullying”

3) “Patronage” (and speaking of qualifications, the most important qualification for any employer is trust in the person they have hired. I would think this would be especially true for a solid Bishop today, particularly in Madison. Morlino would want people that share his zeal for the faith and the mission of the Church at this particular time in this particular place. They need to “GET IT,” and be people of complete fidelity to the Church, the sacramental life, and daily prayer.)

4) And please make the case how any of your examples are “simply sinful,” recalling, in particular, that false accusation and rash judgement are clearly sinful (and you can look those up in the Catechism of the Catholic Church).

5) Please give specific examples of Bishop Morlino lacking “compassion” or “caring.”

In my view he has been far too indulgent with many of his priests. He has not disciplined one of them, that I am aware. His predecessor used to reassign them all the time, and often out of punishment! Bishop Morlino has not done this to even one despite all of these accusations of his being such a big meanie, and even after their “anonymously” attacking him (their father!) in the secular press. This is clearly “grave matter” and if it was done with sufficient knowledge and freedom, a “mortal sin.”

Since it is true that he has been very indulgent and patient with his priests, I can only conclude that he is being attacked for other reasons, and it is most likely because of his clear, unambiguous and CHARITABLE teaching of the Apostolic Faith. Some don’t like it. This happens all the time when clergy like Bishop Morlino speak the truth. Those who reject the truth but can’t attack it, always try to put together arguments regarding the “way” he taught it, blah, blah, blah. I have never heard Bishop Morlino teach tough truths without compassion, charity and mercy for those struggling with certain sins.

And my own suspicion on all of this, is that this big hoopla comes down to the fact that he upholds the truth of marriage here in Sodom. But, of course, this is only a personal suspicion. I look forward to your excellent examples which will prove me wrong, and clearly illustrate a gravity legitimizing a group of the “faithful” attacking their spiritual father in the secular paper (which regularly demonstrates enmity with the Church on a host of subjects) who they profess, as Catholics, to be the “vicar of Christ” in their diocese (That is, if they accept the teachings of Vatican II). They have demonstrated a lack of charity for the Church, their bishop, and Christ himself. Being members of Call to Action, they are also big time raging heretics on many issues. This is another reason we know this is not about the “HOW” truth is taught, or the (“methods of leadership”) but about the “WHAT” truth is taught.

And speaking of “bullying” and attempted intimidation, is this not clearly what what this letter is attempting to do with Bishop Morlino?: Solicit the enemies of the Church to help them SHUT HIM UP when it comes to the truths of the faith? (“Barabbas! Give us Barabbas! We want our sodomy and abortion!”). We are all very fortunate that this in not going to happen because Bishop Morlino happens to be a man who keeps his eyes on Jesus Christ remembering his own judgement before him following the moment of death.

This letter submitted to the pro-sodomy, pro-abortion WSJ is the only “bullying” and intimidation tactic I’ve seen in this whole mess. But as I said before, this is the same old story, a regular “forging” process of the saints.







One Response to The Devolution of Man (Part 5) … The Heart of the Matter

  1. AngelineS says:

    Bullying is a fine thing to accuse him of.

    I use to work for an organization loosely associated with the church with many people who turned out to be CTA people. And try as I might, I could not reason with any of them because they get angrier and spout off the same old arguments (discrimination, my bedroom not God’s, God love you as you are.) There was no reference to the Catechism and scripture they use is handpicked.

    They were an angry bunch with an ax to grind over one issue or another and I try to pray for their conversion. Many are very wealthy and use either their money to change minds or their direct influence in the church to subtly lead others astray. It reminds me of a cancer that lays dormant but spreads.

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