Why anawim?

Anawim (pronounced ann-a-weem) is a Hebrew word from the Old Testament which describes the “poor ones” who remained faithful to God in times of difficulty. These humble people became known as the anawim or the “faithful remnant.”

Pope John Paul II’s beautiful teaching on the anawim can be found here.

The great Marian canticle (Luke 1:46-50) “reveals in filigree,” as Pope Benedict XVI so beautifully teaches, “the spirituality of the biblical ‘anawim,’ that is, of those faithful who not only recognize themselves as ‘poor’ in the detachment from all idolatry of riches and power, but also in the profound humility of a heart emptied of the temptation to pride and open to the bursting in of the divine saving grace.”

“The bursting in of the divine saving grace” … aaahhh … isn’t that what we want in our lives?  Mary’s Anawim are those who have come to understand that there is only one true way to open ourselves to that “bursting in,” and that is to offer our loving hearts, burning H.O.T. for the Lord … hearts of Humility, Obedience and Trust. 

This blog exists to allow the “poor ones,” God’s faithful, to speak with fidelity about our Catholic faith and, especially, our Bishop.

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25 Responses to Why anawim?

  1. Mary Lee Rossmaessler says:

    Great blog. I am definitely trying the Undoer of Knots novena. Thanks Fr. Rick.

  2. ml says:

    i love this…thank God from Who all blessings flow and flow and flow…if any of you know me my God has released me from a rope around my life that i have fought for years and i do love Mary undoer of knots…she is a great help..

  3. Anawim! Love it. “For thus says the Lor: Shout with joy for Jacob, exult at the head of the nations; proclaim your praise and say: the Lord has delivered his people, the remnant of Israel.” (Jer 31.7) Father, would you dare add ruah arts group t oyour Blogroll??? Deo Gratias.

  4. Mary Curley says:

    Mary’s Poor Ones.
    Can we also say – Mary’s Little One’s?
    If we recognize and live as Poor or Little One’s – I think serenity and peace will naturally flow from that.
    In our overly busy and very fast paced world – it is wonderful that there is our Church and our Pope – who stand and teach the Peace of Jesus.
    Now we as the poor one’s must do our part as well and totally embrace the message our wonderful Church teaches – live and move and have our being in Christ. Seek the Peace and Serenity of Jesus and pass it on to others.
    I like this blog – Thank you Father.

  5. Becky says:

    What is the Undoer of Knots Novena? What can it do? I love this blog idea provided that there are protections placed so that sound Catholic doctrine is being taught as well as protections against malicious evil ones trying to infiltrate our sacred spaces.

  6. Luciano Miceli says:

    Thanks be to God! Another faithful and beautiful web site. Thank you Fr. Rick and may God bless you and all who access this web site in Jesus through Mary with Joseph!

  7. Jeanne says:

    Thank you, Father Rick, for all you do!

  8. Sagoreewown says:

    Hi all!

    I’m fairly new to this community + just Had the urge to introduce myself and say “Wuzup”.


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  9. kraftartist says:

    go to http://www.mostholyfamilymonastery.com to find the real anawim—vatican 2 was a hoax–“come out of her, my people”

  10. mike mooney says:

    Why don’t the Roman Catholics read the Bible? Mary and Joseph were sinners. Born in sin like everyone else,but Jesus who was born of a virgin. She later had children with Joseph but he did not “know” her until after Jesus was born. They were a holy family, but the mom and “dad” needed to saved by faith. The “queen of Heaven” is a derogatory term used for idolatry. See Jeremiah Ch. 44.

  11. Michael Procher says:

    Re: Mike Mooney. Mike, it is obvious that you have stumbled onto the wrong site by accident. There are millions of other sites that subscribe to what you believe. Why don’t you try and find them?

  12. Barbara says:

    Dear Mike Mooney,

    I am so happy a Protestant writes what he believes.

    During Mass which is also known as the Eucharistic Celebration and our main form of worship lay people read the bible aloud while the priest reads the Gospel.

    Catholic Evangelicals are born again Christians like Protestant Evangelicals through the power of the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit who gives one the hunger for the Word of God. We speak to God and He replies to us in the Word.

    Mary was sinless like her son Jesus. But this is what we Catholics believe.


    The Immaculate Conception is, according to Roman Catholic doctrine, the conception of the Virgin Mary without any stain (“immacula” in Latin) of original sin. It is one of the four dogmas in Roman Catholic Mariology. Under this aspect Mary is sometimes called the Immaculata (the Immaculate One), particularly in artistic contexts.

    The dogma states that, from the first moment of her existence, Mary was preserved by God from the lack of sanctifying grace that afflicts mankind and that she was instead filled with divine grace. It is further said by Catholics that she lived a life completely free from sin.[1] Belief in Mary’s immaculate conception in the womb of her mother, through sexual intercourse, should not be confused with the doctrines of the virginal conception of her son Jesus, known as the Annunciation and the Virgin Birth.


    The Queen of Heaven in Jeremiah Chp 44. This is the Old Testament. Protestants use this to discredit Catholics and Mary.

    Catholics on the other hand believe:-

    In the New Testament:

    Who is the woman of Revelation 12 described as being clothed with the sun? Two possibilities exist regarding the identity of this mysterious woman. They are Mary the mother of the Lord Jesus or Israel. Because the Catholic church thinks this woman is Mary, they have pictures and statues of her in glorious splendor standing on the moon with twelve stars on her head as though she is Queen. Is that an accurate interpretation of this chapter or a dangerous distortion which has misled people to trust in Mary for their salvation?

    The Blessed Virgin Mary

    The image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, for one, has been described as a representation of the Woman of the Apocalypse.[4]Catholic tradition assigns the identity of the woman to the Virgin Mary after her assumption into heaven, where she is revealed in all her glory as the “Queen of Heaven”, “Mother of God”, “Mother of the Church”, the “Co-Redemptrix”, and the “Mediatrix of all graces.” This view has been affirmed by Pope Pius X[5], Pope Pius XII[6], Pope Paul VI[7], and Pope John Paul II[8]. According to this view, the woman’s “male child,” is a reference to Jesus (Revelation 12:5), since he is destined to “rule all nations with a rod of iron” (Revelation 12:5). The dragon trying to devour the woman’s child at the moment of his birth (Revelation 12:4) is a reference to Herod the Great’s attempt to kill the infant Jesus (Matthew 2:16). Through his death and resurrection, Jesus “was snatched up to God and to his throne” (Revelation 12:5).

    Mary is a virgin and so did not have any other children besides Jesus.

    Protestants do not have as many books in the Bible as Catholics. They do not go by tradition or the more recent visitations of Mary to the faithful which have been approved by the Magesterium of the Catholic church.

    It is very important to dialogue and bring about better understanding between Catholics and Protestants.

    I once gave a talk on this subject to a room full of Protestants at the Christian Union at work.

    Thank you again for this opportunity for dialogue.

    With love in Jesus.


  13. Father Jeremiah Donohue says:

    “When you ask for the gift of forbearance, do not squander it when it is granted.” Father Jeremiah

  14. Johanes Sunardi says:

    Thanks for this blessed blog. I found some supports in time of my difficulties by reading this article. To be an anawim is really hard, but true way as it is true for Mary. Anawim way is true H.O.T way!

  15. Peter Chineke says:

    I’m very happy to read this now. At least, i get to know more about Mother Mary’s condition after giving birth to Jesus d’Messiah.

  16. Peter Chineke says:

    Only true love of Jesus Christ can make one understand the role of Virgin Mary in the life of true Christians. Not just Catholics!

    Everything came to us through Vigin Mary; even Jesus Christ.

    Why must all ages of all nations call Her(Virgin Mary) blessed? [cf. Lk 1:48]

    Why is She(Virgin Mary) Blessed among women of all ages in all nations? [cf. Lk 1:42].Catholics!

    Everything came to us through Vigin Mary; even Jesus Christ.

    Why must all ages of all nations call Her(Virgin Mary) blessed? [cf. Lk 1:48]

    Why is She(Virgin Mary) Blessed among women of all ages in all nations? [cf. Lk 1:42].

  17. Anne Mary Jones says:

    I was sent this link 3 months ago but for some reason didn’t get around to following it until today . . . ! Thank you . . . I will definitely be following this blog in future. God bless you.

  18. I am so happy to find you!

  19. Cynthia says:

    I find it very interesting how so many people except Jesus but not his Mother! In order to accept one you Must except the other! It is also interesting how Protestants except the Bible according to King James (Version). I wonder how many would accept a Bible version according to President Bush, Clinton or Obama. We must consider the SOURCE if the Protestants except the word of God from King James Version then it is a reason that they have some Dogma incorrect. King James altered the Bible to fit his wants and needs thus the root word Protest as a Protestant it is their Dogma to PROTEST.
    Jesus mentioned them as he hung from the Cross: “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do!” AMEN!!

  20. Alan mowlrs says:

    Is there within the Welfare state a place for anaemia Jahve.

  21. […] him their salvation” (#55). Here the Council Fathers, with biblical recollection, focus on the “anawim” of God. They are considered the truest of the “poor of Yahweh” – the God-fearing and humble […]

  22. Tony Morales says:

    And the APEX of the ANAWIMS is the Blessed Mother Mary – the Mother of Jesus – the Mother of God. “Holy Mary Mother of God, pray for us sinners…….”

  23. Juan says:

    I am right now reading a book in which it says that “anawim” refers to the “just person” mainly referring to St. Joseph.

  24. Alexuis Kerketta says:

    Nice to know about the article. In the time of faith crisis one can get hope in God. He is there for the lowly unwanted and unloved . He is there to to render justice to the oppressed and neglected one.

  25. […] & outcasts, the disenfranchised & powerless, & the “poor in spirit” (Heb. anawim)—that (apparently) anonymous throng living in the peripheries (& to which I aspire to […]

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