August 5, 2010


August 5, 2010

We the People Means 9

August 5, 2010

Source: National Catholic Register

Yesterday’s ruling by a California judge that overturned a ban on gay marriage is simply the latest outrage done by our black robed oligarchs in recent history. This chipping away at the moral foundations of America is not a sudden attack and in fact it hardly surprised anyone at all. There is no shortage of precedence. The game plan of secular progressives is clear. They know they can’t convince the people to do their will so they get judges to implement their will and override the people’s votes. In short, judges do what the people won’t. And boy have they been doing it.

I’m not even talking about those decisions of the past like Dred Scott or Buck v. Bell which allowed for the legal sterilization of those with a low IQ. In recent history there have been so many cases that have eaten away at our most fundamental rights and act as building blocks for further outrageous rulings.

Roe v. Wade and related cases like Doe and Planned Parenthood v. Casey invented a right to abortion that cemented abortion as a right, thus making it extraordinarily difficult to put any limits on the procedure.

Engel v. Vitale was the U.S. Supreme Court decision that without any precedent banned any and all classroom prayer from public schools.

Stone v. Graham was the U.S. Supreme Court decision that invalidated a law requiring the posting of a copy of the Ten Commandments in schools in Kentucky.

Kelo vs. The City of New London essentially removed private property rights from people if a government body thought they could do something/anything better with the land.

Lawrence v. Texas was the Supreme Court case that Justice Antonin Scalia argued opened the door to the legalization of gay marriage. The decision struck down a Texas anti-sodomy law as unconstitutional. Scalia suggested the court was following the dictates of the “homosexual agenda.”

Griswold v. Connecticut was a United States Supreme Court case that invented the “right to privacy” which can’t be found in the actual Constitution. It involved the constitutionality of a Connecticut law prohibiting contraception.

Now, many can agree or disagree with laws prohibiting sodomy or contraception or even abortion but the fact is that it doesn’t matter whether you agree or not. Judges have declared all of these issues including life itself beyond your purview. Your opinion matters not even though you live in a republic.

Secularists are winning the culture war because for too long those upholding traditional values didn’t understand the field on which the culture war was taking place. For too long we thought it was simply a battle for the hearts and souls of our fellow Americans. We didn’t know the people had nothing to do with it. When we figured that out we then moved towards politics until we found out that the Senate and the House isn’t where the real power resides either. Then and only then did we discover that the only reason politicians matter is so they can nominate or block judges who actually make the decisions.

But now we know that the most important decisions aren’t being debated on the Senate floor, they’re being decided by men and women in black robes with zero accountability to We the People. But now we all know it and the push back has begun. How many people did you hear in the 2008 election say they didn’t really like John McCain but would hold their nose and pull the lever for him simply to get the judges.

That really says something about this country right now. We’re voting for President so they can nominate the real people who have the power; the judges. One can be assured that this gay marriage decision or one like it will end up in front of the Supreme Court. And just today there’s news that Elena Kagan likely has the votes in the Senate to be confirmed. How do you think that’ll go?