Prayer at Valley Forge (Not a Deist)

A Prayer at Valley Forge in Pennsylvania, during the revolutionary war, in the freezing cold month of December, 1777 –

“Snow drifted in at the windows because there was no glass.  Cold rain dripped through the roofs.  Sometimes they (soldiers) sat up all night crowding around the fire to keep from freezing to death.  Their clothing was worse than their shelter.  The whole army was in rags.  Many of the men had no shirts.  Even more were without shoes.  Wherever they walked, the snow was marked with their blood.  Around the camp, the groans of men who were sick and starving filled the air…”

“One cold day, a quaker farmer was walking along a creek at Valley Forge when he heard the murmur of a solemn voice…  Through the thicket he saw a lone man, on his knees, in the snow.  It was General Washington.  His cheeks were wet with tears as he prayed to the Almighty for help and guidance…”

“The farmer quietly slipped away.  When he reached home, he said to his wife, “Hannah, my dear!  All is well!  The Americans will win their independence!  George Washington will succeed!”

“What makes thee think so, Isaac?” she asked.

“I have heard him pray, Hannah, out in the woods today,” he said. “If there is anyone on this earth the Lord will listen to, it is this brave man.  He will listen Hannah.  Rest assured, He will.”

“The farmer was right.  When the last of the harsh winter melted away, and a soft green crept over the hillsides, George Washington’s army still lived.  Against all odds, they had outlasted the cruel Valley Forge snows.  With new hope, the patriots marched away behind their brave commander to fight the British and win their freedom.” 


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