Shades of ’38

2 Responses to Shades of ’38

  1. Bill Wineke says:

    I’ve read a lot of anti-Catholic diatribes over the years but never any by anyone as consistently opposed to the church, its leadership and its laity as this guy. Aside from the pope, is there anyone of whom he approves?

  2. mercyknight says:

    Lots of work to be done. I pray we are humble enough to admit it.

    I truly appreciate voices like Michael Voris. We are living in a disturbing era in our Church. In the past, when you broke with the most essential truths upheld by the Catholic Church, you were free to go and start your own church and call it heilmanism, or whatever you wanted to “as your own pope” … that’s why there are 35,000 Christian denominations today. But it was never acceptable, until now, to label oneself as Catholic while believing something completely different than Catholicism.

    Many of our bishops today are the equivalent of the poor parent who thinks “love” is being a “friend” to your child, rather than teaching and, yes, scolding when necessary in order to help the child when they stray from truth.

    Along with many other brave voices, Michael Voris is drawing attention to this form of abuse by neglect of our shepherds. The silence of the Shepherds may be the greatest atrocity of our times.

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