Caught On Video: Pfleger’s Heresy

Just days after Cardinal George awarded him a lifetime achievement award, the Rev. Michael Pfleger has been caught on tape openly dissenting and teaching heresy from the pulpit during mass!

In this stunning video from a Divine Mercy Sunday homily, Fr. Pfleger openly calls for female ordination and female bishops.

Pfleger says…

“That’s why there should be woman priests, that’s why there should be married priests, that’s why there should be woman Bishops and women Cardinals”

There is a good poke in the eye for Cardinal George. The Cardinal was already facing criticism for honoring Fr. Pfleger and Pfleger returned the favor by open dissent.

Cardinal George cannot let this stand, especially after just conferring an award. Pfleger must be disciplined and forced to retract his statements or immeasurable harm will be done to the faith. If Pfleger teaching this heresy goes unchallenged by the Cardinal, people will rightly conclude that the Cardinal supports these views, after all he did just give him an award.

Pfire Pfleger, now.

Source: Creative Minority Report


2 Responses to Caught On Video: Pfleger’s Heresy

  1. brendan says:

    These videos should be sent to the Archbishop and then the Apostolic Nuncio. The validity of Mass was minimal at best.

  2. John W says:

    Not only is the content blatantly disobedient, but the presentation is completely irreverent. Look at how he delivers his homily – walking around with the microphone like he’s Phil Donahue, complete with applause from the congregation (audience?). This performance is centered on the preacher’s ego, not God.

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