Progressives #3


2 Responses to Progressives #3

  1. Bill Wineke says:

    O.k., Rick. I watch all the videos you post of this guy, but one thing confuses me. I’ve never seen anyone to match him in his ongoing attack on Catholics and on the Catholic Church. If he wants to take nine-tenths of your members and call them “Protestants,” I will happily accept them in my church. I know many Catholics under the age of 50 who can talk for more than two minutes about their faith — though I expect this guy would kick them out as heretics.

  2. mercyknight says:

    My heart is filled with hope to be in a Church that has not allowed itself to be swayed by every wind of trends of the times.

    I’m not sure about your nine-tenths figure, but I do believe it is sad that we have lived through a very weak period of silent bishops and watered down catechesis.

    “This guy” is one among many – including myself – who are fed up with the corruption and immorality that has crept into our church.

    His “calling out” of the corruption within the Catholic Church is as much attacks as would be a parent disciplining her/his child. His courageous unveiling of this corruption of modernism is an act of love.

    There is much work to do, but I do not believe the rebuilding should be done on the sandy soil of progressivism.

    Jesus chose to build his Church on truth, and he was NOT driven by an over-riding need to plant more churches and fill more pews which, sadly, has become the end-game in much of Christendom. I refer to John 6:66 (interesting numbers) when many of his disciples turned back and no longer followed him. And he turned to our first pope and asked if he was leaving too. Then came the words that built this Church: “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.”

    Our first pope stayed because the world was NOT the place he would find the truth.

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