Modernism Crept In: Our Crisis of Belief

March 24, 2010

What’s the real cancer at the heart of the church? Not pedophile priests…they’re a symptom of a much deeper problem. Gerald Warner at the Daily Telegraph let’s fly in this article about the real problem underlying the child abuse scandals. I think he’s on target in much of what he says.

The secular press are fond of saying that the child abuse problem is caused by the demand for priestly celibacy. There is an underlying cause, but it’s not that. The underlying cause is that too many Catholics have lost the plot completely. For the last forty years the church has been infected with modernism, and the key tenet of modernism is that there is no such thing as the supernatural. What you see is what you get.

This serious sickness at the very heart of the church swept through monasteries, convents and seminaries. The honest priests, nuns and religious lost their faith and got out. The lazy ones stayed put and enjoyed a meal ticket for life. No longer believing in the reality and power of the sacraments, they drifted into a no man’s land in which they were priests, bishops and religious without believing in religion. What were they supposed to do? They decided to re-create the church as a kind of dining club with a social conscience.

When it came to sexuality, well since the invention of the pill, everyone else was playing around with whoever they wanted. The apostate priests had no reason to insist on such an outmoded thing as chastity, and if no one else had to be chaste, why should they? If they no longer had to believe in heaven or hell (you make your own heaven or hell here on earth don’t you know?) then there was no real penalty if your sexual tastes were, errm, unconventional. Homosexuality was presented as natural, and sex wasn’t for procreation, and everybody was sexually active, so why not play around with whoever you liked?

A therapeutic culture swept in and suddenly nobody was a sinner. “I’m OK. You’re OK.” You don’t need punishment or banishment. You don’t even need forgiveness and a demand for reparation. You need therapy. No wonder they covered up. In their anthropology no one was a sinner. No one was bad. They were just wounded. They were just sick. They needed help.

G.K.Chesterton said that “Every argument is a theological argument.” and it is always and everywhere true that a moral crisis is linked with a theological crisis. Benedict XVI’s letter to the Irish church rightly calls for a spiritual and liturgical and theological renewal. The pedophile priest crisis is not just a crisis of morals, but a crisis of belief.

Finally, this crisis of belief is not just a crisis among a few twisted and evil perverts. It is a crisis of belief in our whole church. Archbishops, Bishops, Abbots, Mother Superiors, Seminary Rectors, Theologians, Priests and people have all been swamped with something other than the red blooded Catholic faith of our Fathers. They’ve been tromping along like drug addled zombies following a feel good false religion that has been used to deceive millions.

We all need repentance in the face of this. We all need to turn again to the awareness that the devil is real, that sin is real, that nice people are capable of terrible evil. We must be on our guard. We must believe in the power and reality of the sacraments. We must be New Testament Christians with missionary zeal, the discipline of ascetical prayer and a warrior spirit.

Nothing else will do.

Source: Fr. Longnecker


The insanity of liberals and progressives running around in the Church will only stop when Faithful Catholic Laity stand up. The time has come!

March 24, 2010

Why Have Our Shepherds Allowed Their Sheep To Become Confused or Even Become Dead In Their Sin?

March 24, 2010

Love Obamacare? Thank a Catholic

March 24, 2010

The new healthcare plan has been brought to us by…Catholics?

I was sickened to see Catholic Joe Biden standing next to the most pro-abortion President in the history of the country signing the biggest expansion of abortion since Roe.

We’d all fought the bill for so long but when Catholic Bart Stupak relented to Catholic Nancy Pelosi I knew that the healthcare bill was going through. I couldn’t imagine how Stupak could not know that the healthcare plan funded abortion, especially after the Catholic HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius acknowledged it in an interview.

The bill had gained some extra momentum after 60 Catholic nuns endorsed the plan.

And then here’s the list of Catholic congressman who voted “yes” on Obamacare, according to Catholic Advocate.

■Representative Ann Kirkpatrick (D, AZ-01) YES
■Representative Ed Pastor (D, AZ-04) YES
■Representative Harry E. Mitchell (D, AZ-05) YES
■Representative Raul M. Grijalva (D, AZ-07) YES
■Representative Mike Thompson (D, CA-01) YES
■Representative George Miller (D, CA-07) YES
■Representative Nancy Pelosi (D, CA-08) YES
■Representative Jerry McNerney (D, CA-11) YES
■Representative Anna Eshoo (D, CA-14) YES
■Representative Dennis A. Cardoza (D, CA-18) YES
■Representative Jim Costa (D, CA-20) YES
■Representative Xavier Becerra (D, CA-31) YES
■Representative Diane E. Watson (D, CA-33) YES
■Representative Lucille Roybal-Allard (D, CA-34) YES
■Representative Grace F. Napolitano (D, CA-38) YES
■Representative Linda T. Sanchez (D, CA-39) YES
■Representative Joe Baca (D, CA-43) YES
■Representative Loretta Sanchez (D, CA-47) YES
■Representative John T. Salazar (D, CO-03) YES
■Representative Betsy Markey (D, CO-04) YES
■Representative John B. Larson (D, CT-01) YES
■Representative Joe Courtney (D, CT-02) YES
■Representative Rosa L. DeLauro (D, CT-03) YES
■Representative Luis V. Gutierrez (D, IL-04) YES
■Representative Jerry F. Costello (D, IL-12) YES
■Representative Phil Hare (D, IL-17) YES
■Representative Peter J. Visclosky (D, IN-01) YES
■Representative Joe Donnelly (D, IN-02) YES
■Representative Brad Ellsworth (D, IN-08) YES
■Representative Michael H. Michaud (D, ME-02) YES
■Representative Richard E. Neal (D, MA-02) YES
■Representative James P. McGovern (D, MA-03) YES
■Representative Ed Markey (D, MA-07) YES
■Representative Michael E. Capuano (D, MA-08) YES
■Representative William D. Delahunt (D, MA-10) YES
■Representative Bart Stupak (D, MI-01) YES
■Representative Dale E. Kildee (D, MI-05) YES
■Representative John D. Dingell (D, MI-15) YES
■Representative Betty McCollum (D, MN-04) YES
■Representative James L. Oberstar (D, MN-08) YES
■Representative William Lacy Clay (D, MO-01) YES
■Representative Carol Shea-Porter (D, NH-01) YES
■Representative Frank Pallone (D, NJ-06) YES
■Representative Bill Pascrell (D, NJ-08) YES
■Representative Albio Sires (D, NJ-13) YES
■Representative Ben Ray Lujan (D, NM-03) YES
■Representative Tim Bishop (D, NY-01) YES
■Representative Carolyn McCarthy (D, NY-04) YES
■Representative Joseph Crowley (D, NY-07) YES
■Representative Nydia M. Velazquez (D, NY-12) YES
■Representative Charles B. Rangel (D, NY-15) YES
■Representative Jose E. Serrano (D, NY-16) YES
■Representative John J. Hall (D, NY-19) YES
■Representative Paul Tonko (D, NY-21) YES
■Representative Maurice D. Hinchey (D, NY-22) YES
■Representative Dan Maffei (D, NY-25) YES
■Representative Brian Higgins (D, NY-27) YES
■Representative Steve Driehaus (D, OH-01) YES
■Representative Charles A. Wilson (D, OH-06) YES
■Representative Marcy Kaptur (D, OH-09) YES
■Representative Dennis J. Kucinich (D, OH-10) YES
■Representative Mary Jo Kilroy (D, OH-15) YES
■Representative John Boccieri (D, OH-16) YES
■Representative Tim Ryan (D, OH-17) YES
■Representative Peter DeFazio (D, OR-04) YES
■Representative Robert Brady (D, PA-01) YES
■Representative Kathy Dahlkemper (D, PA-03) YES
■Representative Joe Sestak (D, PA-07) YES
■Representative Patrick J. Murphy (D, PA-8) YES
■Representative Chris Carney (D, PA-10) YES
■Representative Paul Kanjorski (D, PA-11) YES
■Representative Michael F. Doyle (D, PA-14) YES
■Representative Patrick J. Kennedy (D, RI-01) YES
■Representative James R. Langevin (D, RI-02) YES
■Representative Ruben Hinojosa (D, TX-15) YES
■Representative Silvestre Reyes (D, TX-16) YES
■Representative Charlie Gonzalez (D, TX-20) YES
■Representative Ciro D. Rodriguez (D, TX-23) YES
■Representative Henry Cuellar (D, TX-28) YES
■Representative Peter Welch (D, VT-At-Large) YES
■Representative Tom Perriello (D, VA-05) YES
■Representative James P. Moran (D, VA-08) YES
■Representative Gerald E. Connolly (D, VA-11) YES
■Representative David R. Obey (D, WI-07) YES

There is something very wrong with Catholicism in America when Catholics play such a large role in passing anti-life and anti-conscience legislation. Catholic politicians need to be reminded that you don’t leave Christ at the Capitol steps. They need to be reminded that the issue of life is not negotiable. And Catholic voters need to elect politicians who understand that evil exists and fight with all they have against enshrining evil into law. They must remember that the terms public servant and Catholic are not mutually exclusive.

Catholic voters need to take their responsibility seriously and stop electing politicians who say one thing and do another.

Source: CMR