Don’t Be Fooled – ‘Health Care Bill Is Massive Abortion Funding Bill’

In the way of an FYI, Don Nelson, president of Nevada Life, warns that despite claims to the contrary, President Barack Obama, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Harry Reid all know that the Senate Health Care Bill under consideration is a massive abortion funding and subsidization bill that will radically change the long standing widely accepted public policy of not using government funds for abortion. He says that Obama, Pelosi, and Reid also know that the Hyde Amendment will not apply to government funding of abortion through health care. Hyde is a yearly rider that prohibits abortion funding through Medicaid. The Reid bill is not abortion neutral, will increase abortion access at government expense and does not contain adequate conscience protections.

And Nelson nails down ten ways the Reid bill funds abortion – here’s the first five:

1. It directly funds community health care centers, of which Planned Parenthood would be a beneficiary. $11 billion has been set aside for community health care centers with no restrictions to prevent abortion coverage. Abortion advocates are already discussing how these centers can use these funds to pay for abortion and are campaigning for these centers to perform abortions.

2. The Reid bill subsidizes health care plans which cover abortion. These plans will cover tens of millions of people.

3. Massive pools of money are appropriated with no abortion restrictions. National Right to Life says “The Senate bill contains additional pools of directly appropriated funds that are not covered by any limitations regarding abortion, including $5 billion for a temporary high-risk health insurance pool program (Sec. 1101 on pages 45-52) and $6 billion in grants for health co-ops (Sec. 1322, pp. 169-180).”

4. Bureaucrats are granted authority to force health care plans to cover abortion. It does not mandate that they do so, but it gives them the authority. Its hard to see how a president like Barack Obama, who opposed protections for children born during an abortion and promised Planned Parenthood that abortion would be part of health care, would not appoint someone to mandate abortion coverage. The Mikulski Amendment to the Reid bill would require insurers to cover any preventative service. Abortion will be defined as a preventative service and private health care plans will be forced to cover abortions.

5. Plans in the Federal Employees Health Benefits program will be allowed to cover abortion. No federal plan is currently allowed to cover abortion.

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As Nelson goes on to point out in his article, Obama, Pelosi and Reid continue to insist that the status quo on abortion will not change and that there will be no funding of abortion. This indeed shows a callous disregard for the truthm and open contempt for the will of the American public.

Just in case you still harbor any doubts as to whether or not the senate bill (that is to become Obamacare) covers abortion and the taxpayers will pay for it, watch this video in which HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius discusses abortion coverage in the Senate health bill with a representative from BlogHer on December 21, 2009 – and plainly states that abortion will be paid for by an “accounting measure” and that every taxpayer will pay into it.

Source: Hyscience


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