Throwing The Bathwater Out With The Baby? Sacrificing Health Care For Abortion

In all the discussion about whip counts it is easy to lose sight of what really counts and what the health care debate is really all about.  It should come as little surprise that this is all about abortion, or more specifically about the federal funding of abortion.

However, conversely to what the media would have you believe, it is not primarily about Bart Stupak and a handful of pro-life Democrats holding up health-care reform.  Rather, it is about the leadership of the Democrat party’s willingness to sacrifice their electoral livelihoods and/or health-care “reform” in order to make sure abortion is covered.

The real truth is that if health-care reform were the true overriding objective of President Obama and the Democrat leadership in Congress, then they could have passed this bill months ago.  Instead, Democrats in the Senate refused to compromise on keeping the status quo—an over three decade prohibition on federal funds for abortion. If they had crafted language similar to the Stupak amendment in the House, which merely reflects the status quo, Obamacare would now be the law of the land.

They refused.  Now again in the House, Nancy Pelosi has struggled for months to find votes for the bill.  Even now, the Democrat leadership would rather risk their careers and blatantly violate the Constitution rather than give in on abortion and the Stupak language.  This gives proof to the lie that Obamacare does not change current law on abortion and makes inexplicable the willingness of some Catholics to blindly accept this falsehood.

This bill is all about funding abortion. The Democrats understand that this may be the one chance in the next decade to get this done and they will not sacrifice it.  They will sacrifice the Constitution and their own jobs, but not federally funded abortion.

I am not the only one who thinks so.  Bart Stupak appeared on Greta Van Susteren’s show last night and stated that the Democrats know this is their opportunity.  The Democrats have made clear they intend to throw out the baby, the only question is whether they are willing to throw out the bathwater to do it.  It seems the answer is yes.

Source: CMR


3 Responses to Throwing The Bathwater Out With The Baby? Sacrificing Health Care For Abortion

  1. Bill Wineke says:

    This comment is absolute inaccurate slander. Essentially, you are accusing the Democratic Party of being a party of evil, so evil that its members will sacrifice their careers to push abortion. The bill does not provide federal funding for abortion. You know, you can’t just go around telling lies about your opponent’s positions — or, for that matter, about your opponents, and then wrap yourself in the gospel. It’s just not right.

  2. mercyknight says:

    Hi Bill,

    First of all, the ‘you’ you are referring to is Pat Archibold who wrote this piece at the National Catholic Register, which has (I believe) the highest readership of all Catholic newspapers in the country. Second, to throw this into your extreme language of “evil” is a literary tactic of which I am well aware. Are we former Kennedy-Catholics frustrated with how Big-Abortion has hijacked the Democratic Party of our parents? Yes!

    Nobody is telling lies on this end. The information is at our fingertips … just google it 😉 I urge you to read my March 19 post, “Don’t Be Fooled …” or just google it yourself to know what they are trying to hide or, better yet, just notice that Big-Abortion loves this bill while every pro-life group is on their knees right now, begging God to intervene … I have 40 Hours Devotion going on at this very moment.

  3. Ben Yanke says:

    That is true. There is at least 1 back-door way that the bill allows money to be routed to abortion.

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