Heretically Correct

The culturally corrosive effects of political correctness manifest themselves in many ways.  Perhaps one of the more deleterious effects of this social tyranny is self-imposed silence when it comes to the truth.  Many know the truth but seek to avoid confrontation in a world that abhors enlightening argument.  Rather, certain opinions are deemed offensive by those who are the designated deemers of such things.  End of story.

Most of us have learned to shrug off such things, we cannot single-handedly change our culture and there is life to be lived, so we move on.  But the time for shrugging may be over.  When political correctness does not just demand silence for the truth, but the active promotion of heresy, this is something no Christian should abide.  This is never more true than for those who are charged with preaching God’s truth.

Reverend Frank Wainwright, 48, a Deacon at St Gregory’s Church in Cheltenham, Glos. UK, during a sermon on marriage, made the remark in a humorous aside that “Marriage is between Adam and Eve – not Adam and Steve.”  For this the Deacon has been accused of ‘homophobia’ after five complaints by members of the congregation.

The protesting parishioners now demand heretical correctness.  It seems that in our world of ever expanding ‘basic human rights’, paramount among them is the right never to be offended by the truth. While it’s one thing to expect this when asked by your wife if she looks heavy in her new dress, it is quite another to demand heresy from your church.

This is the thing about the Catholic Church, you don’t have to be a member.  If it is heresy you want, there is another church right down the street that has plenty of it for the asking and wonderfully colorful vestments for Father Patricia as well.  You have your choice.  The heretically correct Church of the Androgynous Savior or the Catholic Church.  But know, if you choose the Catholic Church, you reject your ‘basic human right’ never to be offended by the truth at the door.

Deacon Wainwright, for his part, sorta sticks by the truth if not the way he said it.

I have plenty of gay friends and I have no problem at all with them but as a Catholic minister I must preach that marriage is between a man and woman and nothing else.

I’m sure there are gay members of my congregation and I imagine it’s one of them who complained but it certainly wasn’t the thrust of my sermon.

I can see why people are upset by the comment because it was flippant. I totally accept that I have caused offence and I am apologising for that.

Don’t ever apologize for the truth. 

Source: NCR


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