The Death of Masculinity

This weekend I am with 100 men on the Diocesan Men’s Retreat. Please pray for them as we reflect on such things as this excellent post from Mary’s Aggies:

Masculinity is dying a quick death. It is attacked from all sides, for example:

-Radical feminists say that being masculine is anti-woman.

-The feminized man is esteemed (esp. those who have a same sex attraction).

-Fathers are portrayed as blundering idiots in media.

It doesn’t help that some modern cultures (e.g., China , Muslim countries, etc) revere the masculine to the detriment of women, just as our own did not so long ago. This is a macho-only kind of mentality which is truly harmful (warning: graphic images) to women and girls.

So, what is a man to do? Our modern world swings between two extremes that both tear down true masculinity – on the one side is the overly-macho crap and on the other is the emasculated feminization of masculinity.

The answer lies in the root of the problem, which started “in the beginning.”

Adam was given the commission by God to “to cultivate and care for” the Garden of Eden and all that was in it (Gen 2:15). Adam messed up soon after. He fails to protect his wife, because he is a coward. He then blames his wife and in doing so he relinquishes his masculinity. Notice that after giving up his masculinity he quickly falls into lusting after his wife, which is why they have to cover themselves – to protect themselves from the lust of the other.

We still suffer from the same issues.

The modern man has also relinquished his masculinity by failing to have self-control. The modern man is an emasculated macho fool who has given in to his pornified passions and lives a sterile and contracepted life – he bears no fruit, literally and figuratively.

These issues are not only killing masculinity, they are also killing femininity. Because only when masculinity is truly lived properly will femininity flourish.

So, where do we start? We start with discovering what a real man is NOT:

A real man is not emasculated ninny.

Neither is a real man a testosterone infused sack of passions.

A real man is this -> a man who desperately seeks to follow in the footsteps of THE MAN.

He will be courageous in the face of danger.

He will fight for and maintain self control.

He will put to death his lusts.

He will be in control of his emotions and yet not afraid of them.

He will find himself in losing himself.

He is humble, but sure of the gifts God has given him.

He is gentle when he should be and rough when necessary.

He is a man of strength of character and his word means something.

He fulfills his promises.

He isn’t ashamed of his Lord or either of his mothers.

He will put life in the proper order – 1 – God; 2 – His wife (if he has one); 3 – His children (if he has them) 4 – Others; 5 – Himself

A real man isn’t afraid of his masculine traits, but embraces them as a gift from God. He doesn’t abuse them, but understands the way to use them in service of God and others.

It is time we men resurrect true masculinity.


3 Responses to The Death of Masculinity

  1. Exactly, what i was searching for. Thank you.

  2. Rodrick says:

    Thanks for the interesting links – that “ability to smell and taste improves” after 48 hours is definitely noticeable and one we agree with – mmm, coffee is just divine these days, as are sweets and chocolate and pizza and, well, just everything – and, yes, from 48 hours after changing from normal cigarettes to electronic cigarettes.

  3. transsexual says:

    I am a male to female transsexual. What you wrote does not include any mentioning of transsexual which is important to include in this article. Life is not just black and white, there are different shades between the two, actually a whole range of colors, like a beautiful rainbow.

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