If you were not completely convinced of Hollywood’s detachment from reality, well simply watch this …

Agree? … I am so tired of the arrogance and elitism of the liberal left. Among the many gems in this clip is the predictable allusion to the “puritanical” (I’m doing the air quotes here) American view of things (at 2:02): “Well, I have to tell you .. we’re a different kind of society .. we see things differently …”

Again, I am so tired of the liberal left’s exasperation with the fact that America has held tight (or, at least, tighter) to family values while the rest of the world has become unhinged in their complete degeneration into a moral bankruptcy … something the liberal left, in their air of self-importance, would recognize as “progress.”

I continue to pray that, with such extremes as is seen in this video, along with all that we see coming from the present administration, their “over-reach” will ignite a fire of outrage that is seen in a counter-revolution that stands for the virtues that have made our country so great.


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