Removal Of St. Michael Prayer in 1968 Came As Church Encountered ‘Smoke’ Of Satan

From Spirit Daily:

It has to be considered a mistake. It has left the Church without a vital safeguard. Someday, it may will be aligned with great smoke that rose in the sanctuary. We speak here of the Prayer to the Archangel Michael. It’s a prayer that was devised by Pope Leo XIII after some sort of mystical experience in which the pontiff was given to understand that Satan was in a special period of aggression. It was then that the prayer was devised, and in 1886 Leo XIII ordered it said at the conclusion of Mass, which was done until the fateful 1960s — when a torrent of evil suddenly poured into the world. In 1964, in the first wave of post-Vatican II changes — in what was known as the Instructio Prima — this magnificent and potent invocation to the archangel who threw Lucifer from heaven was removed from low Mass in the Catholic Church along with a reading of a last Gospel.

Since that time, what have we seen? Priests who have left the priesthood. Pews that emptied. And now, scandal. Across society, Christianity and particularly the Catholic segment has become the focus of disdain in a culture that opened itself to infernal legions. Removal of the prayer– along with the near-elimination of exorcism — allowed an influx of evil. In 1972, speaking in the aftermath of Vatican II, Pope Paul VI himself said “the smoke of Satan has entered by some crack into the temple of God.”

It was in 1964 that the new standard was directed, and in 1968 that the new liturgy, minus the prayer, was authorized.

What happened in that specific period?

Our youth strayed. The choir was replaced by rock bands. Priests were made to feel as outcasts. There were even songs dedicated to the devil. Television replaced the majesty of religion. Free sex. Drugs. Abortion. Instead of public prayer there was now public profanity. In the same chronological window that saw elimination of the Michael prayer, the first Church of Satan rose (1966) in the U.S. and the satanic Bible three years later.

It was against such things that the prayer was potent, as was the practice of deliverance, something Jesus had commanded. Most of the exorcisms were taken out of baptismal rites, and the Church eliminated the minor order of “exorcist” (which young men traveled on the way to priesthood). Exorcism became rare at the same time that the devil became pervasive.

Our current Pope is trying to stem this tide, and on at least two occasions, in 1982 and on September 7, 2000, personally conducted exorcisms. He was accompanied by Father Gabriel Amorth, the official exorcist of Rome, who says:

“I believe that it was a mistake to have eliminated, without a suitable replacement, the prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel that we used to recite after every Mass. I am convinced that allowing the ministry of exorcism to die is an unforgivable deficiency to be laid squarely at the door of bishops. Every diocese should have at least one exorcist at the cathedral, and every large parish and sanctuary should have one as well. Today the exorcist is seen as a rarity, almost impossible to find. His activity, on the other hand, has an indispensable pastoral value, as valuable as that of the preacher, the confessor, and those who administer the other sacraments. The Catholic hierarchy must say a forceful mea culpa. I am personally acquainted with many Italian bishops; I know of only a few who have ever practiced or who have assisted during an exorcism or who are adequately aware of this problem.”

It’s time to bring Michael back. Evil cannot stand in his presence.


8 Responses to Removal Of St. Michael Prayer in 1968 Came As Church Encountered ‘Smoke’ Of Satan

  1. Andy says:

    I attend the Latin Mass at our church. Micheal and the Last Gospel are both back in that tradition.

  2. annabelle91 says:

    i attend mass in malaysia,bt st.michael prayer is not been said.WHY???

  3. Juan R. Aviles says:

    I attend mass every sunday, and yet I will love to hear the prayer to St. Michael at the end of mass, cause it is very powerful.

  4. I recently stopped attending Catholic church and I am attempting to presuade my wife and daughter to do the same.My pastor Fr Papa was caught with child porn 5 years ago yet his name is still on everything although nobody knows where he is.He recently wrote a letter defending Senator Kenedy and his views on abortion will not condem him.With protected pehdophiles pretending to be holy men the church disgusts me.The pope prays with Muslims,whats going on?

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  6. Patsy Koenig says:

    Dear Christopher,
    You do not need to leave the Catholic Church because it has wicked sinners among its members. Look at Judas. If everybody did what you are planning to do, there would be no christian church at all. A wicked member does not make the Catholic doctrine or the Catholic Sacaraments or the other Catholic believers bad in any way. there have been liars, cheats, hyocrites, and all sorts in the church since its beginning. that does not make the church invalid.

  7. At times the easier to just take one step back as well as realize that not everyone explains to you the thinking

  8. Nancy J Helget says:

    I find this so amazing never heard of this l married a Catholic who brags about the Catholic Church all the time but never heard of the Chaplet of St. Michael l was a Church of the Nazarene member all of 42 years wanting to be a Jew . Which l have been for years now. But this Chaplet is beautiful and the reason it is l remember the times they speak of in this article in 1966, when you talk of those days, thank you your writing of this.

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