Dumbing Down and Jazzing Up


From Scelata:

This is post and comments thereon, by someone in Auburn California (of which, and of the practice of Catholicism in which I know nothing whatever) on what’s wrong with the Mass.

I am certainly not agreeing with the entire assessment, but I think it might be instructive to those of us in the trenches (“in the lofts?”) because it is not, to turn the old phrase on its head, the choir doing the preaching.

Seemingly ignorant of musical and liturgical matters beyond what an average PIP likely know (I am basing that on unfamiliarity with the diocese to diocese difference as to kneeling after the Agnus Dei, where the practice was to be “laudably” maintained … She has a top ten of complaints:

Have any other Catholics noticed the “dumbing down” & the “jazzing up” of the Mass? It’s terrible…. Don’t conform to to a watered down version of Mass just to blend in. Don’t do it. …

1. The music needs to go or I need to wear earplugs. Not just at out local Churches, but in many others.

2. People don’t kneel for a second time prior to receiving the Eucharist. Why?

3. Bad homilies. Priests should not read something from “Readers Digest” to me. I can do that myself. They are supposed to be versed in theology & history… so what’s the deal. (This is in regards to only one local Church in particular)

5. Again… the Gloria & Sanctus should never be sang as a striptease.

6. Out of control and/or crying children. There is a “Crying Room.” If a person has kids… go sit there. I used to when my daughter was little. Just in case.

7. The Priests aren’t chanting any of the Liturgy at the Eucharist. Why not?

8. Holding hands at the “Our Father.” Knock it off! It’s so corny… please, give it a rest.

9. What do I need to do to get some incense around here once in awhile?

10. I don’t know… just give us back some sense of the sacred, please.

What do any other Catholics think?


One Response to Dumbing Down and Jazzing Up

  1. Cornelius says:

    Yes, I fully understand what you are saying and have witnessed the jazzing up of the mass at our local village church here in NZ. We had a guitar player today at mass instead of the organist. What really upset me was at the consecration, instead of the congregation responding amen, amen, amen (singing) we were hit with a 2 verse swinging response through which I kept silence (with horror). The ending hymn was straight out of an evangelical praise and worship service (happy clappy). I have witnessed over my 60 odd years of attending mass the whittling away of the liturgy and the gradual protestantisation of the mass, i.e communion in the hand, back to the alter, mass on a table. Nobody seems fussed about the changes, I seem to be a lone voice. Our priest calls me an old fuddy duddy…..what will they hit us with next?

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