80 Year Old Priest Arrested at Notre Dame

Keep the tissues nearby …


2 Responses to 80 Year Old Priest Arrested at Notre Dame

  1. Julie Wanta says:

    Something is different in the air. Do you feel it? My 8 year old could feel it last night. She was up from 1:30-4:00 am. Calm and peaceful but awake. She was going from family member to family member to say, “I can’t sleep anymore”. Were you awakened last night? Did a family member of the Church Triumphant or the Church Suffering visit you saying, “We aren’t sleeping and we need you to be awake with us”? Have the happenings at Notre Dame awaken you yet? Does the sight of an 80 year old priest carried off and arrested wake you up? How much longer are we to slumber while our precious babies are being slaughtered, tortured, mutilated and ripped from their mother’s wombs? We, the whole Church, have been asleep for 40 years. We all must claim our responsibility for the surrendered territory and we must pick ourselves up, become the Church Militant once again and engage the battle.

    We have allowed the treasures and teachings of our Church to be slowly stolen from us and we have not yet closed the window that they have been leaving through. The enemy has been blasting us, through that same window, with sweet sounding words and ideas all the while poisoning our minds and souls. We are in a battle, a battle that must now be fought by all of us. No longer can we say no to being enlisted in this army. It is simple; if you are a member of the Church on earth then you ARE the Church Militant. You have already enlisted. You already are playing a part in this battle. We all have a responsibility to be faithful and obedient to our leaders in this battle. We must all stay the course, through thick and thin and we must all close our own open window first. That open window is allowing a lullaby of death into our very beings and it is reshaping our minds and forming our consciences toward a dead end. Did we not see the dead end signs posted as we traveled down this ugly path of self-destruction? We must turn to the Sacrament of Reconciliation and frequent reception of the Life giving bread of the Eucharist. We must study, follow and obey ALL of the battle plans taught to us through Church teaching to recapture lost territory. That’s right; ALL of the teachings must be followed. What kind of army wins a battle when the strategies and battle plans of its leaders are picked through and personal choice trump the leader’s strategies? Let’s pick up the documents of the Second Vatican Council and see what they are really directing us to do. Let’s pick up Humane Vitae and ask for the scales to fall from our eyes so that we can see and understand the wisdom that lies within it.

    Whether we realize it or not, we are in the battle. The question to ask ourselves is whether we want to fight this battle while sleeping or do we want to fight this battle fully awake?

  2. mike says:

    we need to get the idiots and the people who DONT CARE about God,America, or anyone else at that out of politics. Michelle and Barack ANTI-CHRIST…. err OBAMA BIN LADEN… err Michelle and Barack Obama need to be the first ones given the big RED WHITE AND BLUE kick in the butt, along with a smack of the Bible outside their ghetto looking heads… but hey… thats why they consider me a terrorist 🙂

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