Hats Off To Us Clods Everywhere!

Just when you thought us clods could not sing, here’s to Susan Boyle who surprised ‘em all. See here.  And who could ever forget this past fellow clod of ours. See here.

For more surprises – and more clods singing – please come to St. Aloysius in Sauk City on this Divine Mercy Sunday to see the debut of the Knights of Divine Mercy Schola Cantorum as we sing for the Holy Mass at 4:30 PM.

C.L.O.D. – Cantica Laudis Offerimus Deo (We offer songs of praise to God)


2 Responses to Hats Off To Us Clods Everywhere!

  1. Amy Croft says:

    This gave me goose bumps….WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!So amazing. Beauty!

  2. The Schola on Sunday was incredible! It’s so wonderful to see this return to the sacred in the Mass. Thank you, Fr. Rick! Three cheers for all the Schola members and their choir director (and special kudos to the very handsome Italian schola member who happens to be my hubby 😉 .

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