Travesty! Obama to Notre Dame

From CMR:

The most virulently pro-abortion prominent politician ever, President Barack Obama, is to give the commencement address at the University of Notre Dame.

This is an absolute travesty.

[] President Barack Obama will give the commencement address at the University of Notre Dame on May 17, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said this afternoon. The address in South Bend was one of three Gibbs mentioned in a briefing to reporters this afternoon. Obama also plans to speak to graduates at Arizona State University on May 13 and at U.S. Naval Academy on May 22. Obama would be the sixth U.S. president since Dwight Eisenhower to speak at a Notre Dame commencement, according to an article on past commencement speakers on the university’s Web site.

This must not stand. Call any alumni you know, especially ones that give money, and tell them to call the University. Call the University yourself and protest. Call the Bishop. Call Lou Holtz, call Ara Parseghian. Send emails. Do whatever you can. I know it is a long shot since we are talking about the POTUS here, but we must try to get Notre Dame to rescind the offer.

This is a fight we need to pick. Stay tuned.

Update: Here is the link to ND President’s office , Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C.
Please let him know that it is totally unacceptable that the most prominent Catholic University in the country is inviting someone as virulently pro-death, to the point of supporting infanticide, to speak at commencement. I just did.

And here is the email for the Provost Thomas G. Burish

Sign the Cardinal Newman Society Petition to protest this scandal!

Update II: Here is the contact number for the Bishop of Fort Wayne – South Bend the Most Reverend John M. D’Arcy. (260) 422-4611

Update III: Commonweal approves of the choice of Obama for ND Commencement.

Update IV:Ed Morrissey of Hot Air says:

If they invited the President to participate in a debate with a Notre Dame theologian on the issue of life, that would be quite different, and certainly intriguing. By giving President Obama a platform and honoring him with a degree, the university is tacitly endorsing Obama and these positions. According to the church’s catechism — which Pope Benedict reminded Nancy Pelosi last month — Obama would have effectively excommunicated himself already had he been Catholic, but a Catholic university now welcomes him for their commencement with an honorary degree.

To read the rest of Morrissey’s excellent comments check out Hot Air.


2 Responses to Travesty! Obama to Notre Dame

  1. JeffG says:

    Wonderful to find another person commenting on this issue.
    I’ve got all the links posted too, and will list your blog as well.
    Here’s my article…

    Glad to find another friend. I’ll check back frequently.

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