A Disturbing Thought: Who’s Paying to Exterminate the Next Generation?

From CMR:

We’re in a deep financial crisis and yet President Obama still feels the need to spend taxpayer money on abortions and embryonic stem cell research. In fact we’ve spent so much money that our government has now emptied the pockets of our children and is currently robbing our grandchildren.

So our country is essentially making our grandchildren pay for the extermination of our children.

Disturbing, right? Sorry if I’m weirding you out. Bad day, I guess. But this latest embryonic stem cell research thing really bugged me.

And one more thing just because I’m in that kind of mood. All these programs that our children and grandchildren are supposed to support will be, in fact, unsupportable unless we actually have children and grandchildren. Duh!

I foresee nothing but doom for Western civilization. Doom, I say.

I will be better later I promise. Sorry for the temporary doomsaying. Silliness and snark will resume shortly.


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