Recounting the Battle on the Front Lines

This (below) from our Knight of Divine Mercy, Sir Curtis Jacobsen …

My friends in Christ,


I just wanted to extend a very BIG thank you for all of your prayers and your support during this past week.  I know many of you are probably burned out from everything the Lord has asked of you this week.  I know I am and I still have at least 2 more prayer vigils to attend yet today.  I know Wednesday’s decision makes things look very bleak and the final decision on this is going to be made in about one hour from this writing.  No matter what happens, all things work toward God’s will.


Julaine gives a very good description of the way things happened on Wednesday.  Like most of America, the UW Health board has spent too much time plopped down in front of their television sets and they stereotype us as people who do nothing more than incite riots and blow up buildings.  All streets were closed within a one block radius of the UW Health building (although CostCo did allow us to park in their parking lot….a BIG THANK YOU to them!)  We were escorted into the building 5 at a time by police officers and were given thorough body searches before being allowed inside.  There were about half as many police officers present as there were people.


I was very impressed with the turnout and the discipline shown at Saturday’s rally.  We were hoping that enough people would show up that we could form a life chain around 1 S. Park St.  I was at the end of the march and when I got there the sidewalk was so saturated with people that we could not physically fit anyone else on that side of the sidewalk.  We had to overflow to the sidewalks on the other side of the street.  Eventually those sidewalks became saturated and UW Police gave us the word that they would be closing that entire block of Regent St. so that we could overflow into the street.


The “pro-abortion” side received full cooperation from the University of Wisconsin by giving them access to all 50,000 student e-mail addresses encouraging them to attend the counter rally.  This combined with flyers being plastered all over campus and they could only drum up… most……50 people.  Compared to our 2,000 that showed up.  As usual, the news media made it sound like there was just as many of them as there was of us.  Or at least channel 27 had to admit we had them outnumbered 10 to 1, but we had them outnumbered by at least 40 to 1!


I was not able to get close to where the violence was trying to be incited by the other side, but I could see they were trying to start something from where I could see and I was so impressed with the discipline from our side not to retaliate.  They illegally formed a human chain blocking the sidewalk right in front of the police and they did nothing.  I was shown several bloodied hands from people having their signs ripped from them or having the stick of the “pro-choice” sign cracked down upon their knuckles.  And yet our side just continued to pray for them.


If there was any doubt who is behind all of their actions, one need only hear their constant chant getting louder and louder, “Pray! You’ll need it!  Your cross will be defeated!”


Pictures from the event can be found at these two links:


Audio from the event can be found at these links:


Audio (Courtesy of Brian Kelly): 






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