The Truth of What We Are Combatting!

Vicki McKenna has former abortionist describe D&E Abortion. Please listen.


3 Responses to The Truth of What We Are Combatting!

  1. Kim Donohoe says:

    And they refer to this as “health care.”

  2. Richard McKellar says:

    Of all the mortal sins that can be committed, abortion must be one of the most heinous of sins and one of the most destructive sins because it leads to death itself, not only of the baby but the soul and psyche of all involved in the process. Is there anything more dehumanizing of all the sins that can be committed?

    When I was in prayer not to long ago in reflecting on what it means to be in communion with God and what is the closest approximation in the natural order that we could use to describe what it means to be in communion with the Holy Trinity through our risen Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, two thoughts came to my mind.

    One way to describe communion with God is in terms of marriage with the deep intimacy between a married man and woman in union with one another. We often hear that there is such a thing as finding your “soul mate”. As wonderful and beautiful an example of that is, it is not the closest approximation of how to describe communion with God. The closest and most profound of all natural approximations to what it is like to be in communion with God is like that of a pregnant woman and her baby.

    Just like an unborn baby is completely dependent upon the life of its mother, so are we to be dependent to the same degree in our union with God.
    That is why when God sent us Jesus Christ to redeem mankind he did it to encompass all human life from conception to natural death. Therefore, the mystery of the incarnation sanctifies and redeems all human life for those who are in Christ Jesus. That makes a clear case that the Virgin Mary’s life, who is our human mother in the economy of God’s grace, free of all sin, was a direct participant in our redemption through Jesus Christ. The truth and power of our redemption is not solely and exclusively divine in its nature but is also a human cooperation with the divine. I believe this is what Jesus was alluding to when he talked with Nichodemus. Also in Revelation we are shown the woman clothed with the sun, pregnant and ready to birth to Jesus in whom we are being saved in the “new birth”. We in essence are reborn through Jesus Christ in Mary our human mother the “new Eve” in the economy of God’s grace.

    In fact, revelation also shows us the hatred the devil has toward Mary and Jesus as a red dragon awaiting to kill and devour her son Jesus and when he, the devil, realizes he could not succeed he chooses to go after her children in the world to destroy them who are “called, chosen and faithful” to God in Christ Jesus.

    Unfortunately today, the mystery and dignity of the doctrine of the incarnation and all its implications toward how we should live has been and is being violated by a false gospel that credits only the Trinity with mankind’s salvation while denying the human participation in our redemption. There is an essential element in our faith which acknowledges that Jesus Christ came to us as the “Word made flesh” form the flesh of Mary. If we be in communion with Christ as Mary’s children and God’s, then we must always affirm and defend
    “Jesus’ coming in the flesh” of Mary and in our flesh as well as we have Jesus living in us when we are not in mortal sin.

  3. Miriam says:

    Satan indeed has no brakes! The people of God, all believers, must come together to fight this great evil which has been perpetrated on our society based on a LIE! The lies continue; this is “neccessary” for women’s health. Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, Lord have MERCY. Keep praying, and keep fighting.
    Thank you, Fr. H. for being present at the rally. You didn’t know it, but I was literaly right behind you after you gave your address. We need more priests like you!!

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