How Obama Got Elected


One Response to How Obama Got Elected

  1. Randall Levin says:

    All this proves is that most voters REGARDLESS of political affiliation aren’t really all that interested in politics. This is why people know more about the social/scandal elements. People just like gossip and are generally pretty bored by serious politics. This phenomenon is not unique to Democrats.

    And 12 people is hardly an adequate sample size.

    Palin got vetted so hard by the media because she was an unknown. Obama had been in the public eye for years, so his vetting was no less complete, but took place over a longer period of time.

    Cry me a river for the poor Republicans. Remember, under Bush, the White House, they released televised press reports posing as newscasts. And they paid Fox News reporters/correspondants.

    This movie is just another biased view from the right. Not serious documentary since they didn’t interview McCain supporters as well.

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