Be God’s Fly Swatter

As we contemplate our role in this immortal combat, I’d like to share a quote from Professor Peter Kreeft’s monumental book, How to Win the Culture War:

“The most powerful forces in America are no longer church and state but Harvard and Hollywood. Church and state have limited power, for we are free to ignore or leave any church, and we are free to vote out of office any politician. But we are not free to stop our ears to the educational and media blitz that assaults us everywhere, the buzzing flies of Beelzebub that hover around the garbage dumps of the minds that make the movies and TV shows. It is on these screens that we must apply the swatters.

Who are the fly swatters? Not censors but saints. Love makes more waves than hate. Wicked men will hate and fear you more for loving them than for hating them. They will quickly forgive you for being wrong, but they will never forgive you for being right.

Saints always go into the ghettos, especially the moral ghettos. They make waves. Moses made waves. Jesus made waves. Muhammad made waves. The waves make the garbage come to the surface, and the waves of garbage often drown the saints and make them martyrs, white corpuscles that give themselves up to fight an infection. Saints are society’s white corpuscles, society’s saviors. If nobody wants to crucify you, you’re not doing your job. Or else your job isn’t HIS work.”

Are you prepared to be God’s fly swatter?


One Response to Be God’s Fly Swatter

  1. Jeanne says:

    How can I print this-I am not smart on the computer. It is an excellent excerpt!

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