Super Bowl Ad NBC Rejected

2 Responses to Super Bowl Ad NBC Rejected

  1. Kim Donohoe says:

    Of course not–it’s NBC, right?
    Not exactly fair and balanced, are they?

  2. Juliana says:

    January 22 I was at the state capitol of Minnesota in the March for Life with our daughter and her 2 children, one of whom was in a wheelchair as a result of an ongoing health condition from birth. There were about 4,000 there, one of their largest crowds. As we neared the steps, Amazing Grace was playing on bagpipes over the P.A. system. I could not stop the tears and there were others around me with tears…some high school girls. This ad was shown at
    the March. On the 6 p.m. news, the only coverage was a man who rammed his car into the doors of Planned
    Parenthood. There was a one second shot of the capitol with no commentary. I do not know if there was coverage at 10 p.m. It was certainly a rude awakening, first hand, for me of how we are manipulated by the media. Last November I held a sign
    and prayed with 12 other people in front of a large hospital in St. Paul to pray for an end to abortion. I was amazed at the mostly positive response we encountered, but again, nothing on the news. It was a part of 24 hour vigil by various Catholic churches throughout the Metro area. We must not give up this fight…and it is only possible with the Lord with the help of His Mother.

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