Members of the Religion of Peace Go for a Walk

From Patrick Madrid:

This shows, as clearly as anything could, why England, like the rest of Europe, will soon be swept into the maw of Islam. At least 50 London cops are cowed into submission. Where was the police effort to send in reinforcements and take a stand against these goons?

Hey, United States and Canada. Are you paying attention? This stuff is coming here. (Courtesy of Jihad Watch.)


2 Responses to Members of the Religion of Peace Go for a Walk

  1. Hey, thanks for the link, Father Rick. It’s a pretty sobering video, isn’t it? Unfortunately, this kind of thing will likely be common here in the U.S., the way things are headed.

    Oh, and I’d be grateful if you linked me in your blogroll section. Thanks and God bless you.

  2. brad says:

    This is the true face of Islam. If this were not so….where are the throngs of protest from “moderate Muslims” denouncing this. No, this is a look at the single greatest fight “the West” has known. While we in the West contracept and abort the next generation(s)n, the followers of Islam emigrate in and find it welcome under the banner of multi-culterism. If anyone dare speak the truth, you are an Islamaphobe… We are losing a war that few even know is raging. Those that do know are denounced as intolerant. Media is not going to stand in the way or even tell the truth because lie them, Islam hates Judaism and Christianity. One day (unless there is a massive conversion/uprising/ sudden awareness), we will wake up Dhimmi in the Kalaphite of the Wnited States, completely under Sharia Law (as are parts of Detroit already). At least the abortions will stop…And besides, everybody looks good in a burka, right?
    Out hope is in the Lord, Jesus Christ.

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