The Reform of the Reform


One Response to The Reform of the Reform

  1. Tim says:

    Today I discovered that we have a liberal Catholic Church in our town. Most likely I would have never noticed – except I viewed the different types of Masses from the previous blog. We have three churches in our town. The one I visited today is where the wealthy of our community attend and it is our Catholic school church (which my daughter started with her first year).

    There was a real notice of lower reverence for communion. Everyone took it their hands. There was little bowing or neeling when recieving. They don’t give missels out, only music books. With the music they had all sorts of instruments which was crazy and they had to play every verse of every song. In the mass itself it was clearly noticed how quickly the priest skipped over the mention of sin and pauses were hurried. The chorus was made of girls. The readers were girls. Without eye sight I would have assumened that men were excempt from this Mass. I heard not a single man’s voice raised except the priest and he had a gayish tone. There was little that touched reason. The people dressed nicely. The Church itself was also contemporary.

    But I missed the common people and body odor. I missed the families with more than two children. I missed the statues and the beauty of my typicall church. I can only imagine what mass was like forty years ago. What A Dream!

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