The Problem with the Pro-life Movement

To win the battle against abortion, we must take the ax to the root!

In the spiritual life – as we are overcoming sins and perfecting ourselves – we often discover that in fighting against a particular fault, the fault we are attacking is actually an effect of a deeper root cause. At first, we may be unaware of the deeper root and begin attacking the fault with little or no lasting success. It is not until we discover – by God’s grace – the deeper root cause of the particular fault, and begin to attack it, that our true victory is gained. Just as in our personal spiritual lives we often discover a deeper root cause for our sins, similarly in other areas of life there is often a deeper root cause that has produced the manifest evil. This work will focus primarily on the cause that produced legalized abortion and our “culture of death,” and show what must be done to correct the situation.

Abortion is surely a most heinous sin; not only is it murder, but it is murder of the most innocent. These innocent babies are created by God and for God, yet their lives are snuffed out before they are even born. Many people, whose eyes are open to the evils of abortion, fight for the lives of these unborn babies with truly heroic courage, yet the abortions continue. In 1997, the CDC reported that there were just over 1.18 Million abortions in the US alone; it was reported this year that during 2000 there were a total of 1.37 Million abortions, which is slightly higher than the average yearly abortion rate since 1985. With all of the Rosaries, Masses, and sacrifices offered to God, why is the number of abortions not decreasing? Is the fight being waged on the wrong front? Is the symptom being attacked while the disease goes undetected? In the fight to end abortion, we must seek to find the root cause that has produced it; and after finding the cause, we must “take the ax to the root.”

So, what is the deeper root cause that has led to abortion and our culture of death?

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One Response to The Problem with the Pro-life Movement

  1. Kim D. says:

    Wow. A long read but–amazing, and the “root” wasn’t at all what I expected. As a convert to Catholicism, this really helped me see things more clearly. Thanks for this, Fr. Rick!

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