WILL IT: Enlisting in the Spiritual Surge

Many of us have been shaken by the recent results of the presidential election, and we’re asking: “How did we ever get to a place where we would watch the election of the most aggressively pro-abortion candidate?” Many of us, who are Catholic, are stunned to realize that it was a majority of Catholics that played a significant role in this victory for the culture of death. Furthermore, we find ourselves incredulous as to why a Catholic Connecticut just voted against traditional marriage.


What is going on? How did we get here?


Much of the answer can be found in the analogy of the war in Iraq. Having first gone into Iraq with a minimal amount of troops, the enemy had their way with us and we were losing the war. Not until a decision was made to increase our efforts and fully commit to the war did the tide begin to turn in our favor. We called this full commitment “The Surge.”


What is needed right now in our times is a “Spiritual Surge.” As Dr. Mark Miravalle says (view here), we are being called to “spiritual action”: “Now is not the time to despair, but to come forward as never before with the deepest conviction of our heart that our faith does not lie first in our government but in the power of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in the mercy that comes to us through the Immaculate Heart of Mary and in the eternal immortal graces that come to us through the one, holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ, under the appropriate leadership – by power of the Holy Spirit – of Pope Benedict XVI.”


In his Apostolic Letter for the New Millennium, Pope John Paul II urged all of us to invest ourselves in the universal call to holiness: The time has come to re-propose wholeheartedly to everyone this high standard of ordinary Christian living: the whole life of the Christian community and of Christian families must lead in this direction … It is a journey totally sustained by grace, which nonetheless demands an intense spiritual commitment and is no stranger to painful purifications.”


The pope is saying – You gotta pay a price. This doesn’t just happen by drifting along with the culture. This comes as a result of a decision, this comes as a result of a hunger and a thirst for God that issues in practical decisions. But this journey, John Paul assures us, “leads, in various possible ways, to the ineffable joy experienced by the mystics as ‘nuptial union’”.


How do we enlist in this Spiritual Surge? Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, after leading the attack on Pearl Harbor, was known to say, “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” Are we resolved? Was this election result enough to set our hearts on that intense spiritual commitment to which Pope John Paul II has called us?


Recall the story I shared with you this past Friday evening that when St. Thomas Aquinas was asked by one of his sisters what she should do to reach sanctity, he answered her in one brief sentence: “Will it.”


Are you ready to enlist? Do you desire to be counted among God’s strong spiritual warriors? Are you ready to consider the “Cost of Discipleship” and begin to reclaim surrendered ground in our culture and in our families? Has this advance of the culture of death awakened in you a terrible resolve?


Get ready!!! We will be exploring the ways God is calling us to a training ground in holiness and a school of prayer. We are not drawing upon any modern techniques and experimental spiritualities. We are reconnecting with the mightiest spiritual warriors of history – the great Mystics.


Actually, our strategy for becoming holy men of God – the strength of a spiritual warrior — will be taken from the plan laid out in Pope John Paul II’s Apostolic Letter for the New Millennium.


In future contacts we will receive our marching orders for entering more fully into this Spiritual Surge. Also, these contacts are being posted on my teaching blog at Mary’s Anawim.


Will it


One Response to WILL IT: Enlisting in the Spiritual Surge

  1. Sarah says:

    Thankyou Fr. Rick for bringing to clarity the spiritual battle that is reaching a level of urgency that I couldn’t really understand nor see until your analogy about “the surge” in Iraq and spiritual surge that began with the profound prayer activity of the last weeks before the election. This understanding gives me hope, especially with the insights provided byFulton Sheen. God bless you Father for helping the faithful by provideing this website in these amazing times.

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