Todd Palin–American Manhood at its Best

From Dust of the Time:

What’s the story behind the Alaska governor with an approval rating of 89 to 93 percent? A good part of it has to be her husband, Todd Palin, who is discussed in ALASKA magazine of February 2008. Here are a few quotes from the cover story, “Palin’s Way,” by Melissa DeVaughn on “America’s Hottest Governor.”

It’s her favorite room [kitchen] in the large but unpretentious home her husband, Todd, designed and built five years ago…. Todd’s floatplane is docked just a hundred yards away [on Lake Lucille] at the edge of the neatly mown lawn….Having such a high-powered wife does not faze Todd, who refers to himself jokingly as the “First Dude.”

While Sarah does the work of governor, Todd remains the quintessential Alaska man. He stays busy with his week-on, week-off job with British Petroleum on the North Slope. He’s also one of the state’s best snowmachiners, and has won the grueling 2,000-mile Tesoro Iron Dog race four times. In the summer, Todd fishes a commercial site in Bristol Bay and spends time flying his airplane, a hobby he has enjoyed for 20 years.

Having his wife become governor changed the Palin household, he said, but not in a monumental way. “Her schedule dictates my schedule, but with her being mayor for so many years, we were already used to it,” he said. “The kids are very adaptable. There are thousands of Alaska families that adapt, whether you’re a contract guy who’s gone for the summer season, a sloper or in the military, we have a lot of families who don’t have the 9-to-5 schedule.”

On this day, Todd Palin is preparing to change into work clothes and help oversee construction of a community playground in Juneau. As First Dude, he is a champion of vocational education for Alaska students. “I’m a product of on-the-job training that was offered to me in 1989. And growing up in the high schools that I attended, we had great shops, mechanic shops and carpenter shops. In recent years, that has not been a high priority, but that is coming back. So I’ve told the commissioner of labor, ‘Wherever you can use me in that role, I am there for you’.”

“My slope job has provided for my family,” he said. “when an opportunity is given to an individual, it is what that person does with it that matters. As I travel the state, that’s a big concern, getting kids motivated. I am meeting kids that can’t read a tape measure or just don’t want to work, so it’s the same message wherever we go. Step out. Once you step out and are given an opportunity, you can change a life”

Todd’s family is spread from Bristol Bay to Homer…. when [daughter] Bristol revealed she spent $20 on leg waxing–‘That was supposed to be gas money,’ Todd Palin said disapprovingly [and Sarah Palin concurred!]

So what I learned about Todd Palin is that he is at least as good an individual as Sarah Palin–likely even better as he is a very strong and loving husband and father! The governor of Alaska seems to know that too, as she introduced Todd to the country as “the man she admires the most in this world.”

Here are some other things I’ve found out about Todd Mitchell Palin in searching the web:

Personally I applaud Todd Palin for being the best example of American manhood that I can imagine.


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