Brett Favre: Weigh In

July 17, 2008

Brett Favre’s contributions have less to do with personal records and Packer wins than the way he helped us all to recapture that humble and youthful enthusiasm for the game and life in general. What an AMAZING ride we have had with Brett all these years. And how many lessons he’s taught us with his superstar virtue and character. In a professional sports world which had become more about “business,” cheating and inflated egos, Favre kept that sweet innocense that seemed to purify the “game” all over again everytime he ran out onto the field.

But his greatest contribution will always be about how he helped our children to take the right view in all areas of life, including sports. We were blessed to live with a legend, and we may never pass this way again.

For the Packers organization to sweep all this under the carpet and fall victim to the worldly way of taking the “business” view, is disappointing, to say the least.

I believe every consideration takes a back seat to whatever Brett wants. “What’s good for the organization” should not have a place high on the totem pole.

It borders on silly to even blink an eye in the face of Brett Favre wanting to return. Whatever you want, Brett.  And, THANKS again!

What say you?