Why Are They Leaving?

I found the following article absolutely riveting. InsideCatholic asked 34 prominent Catholics from various backgrounds to answer the question, “Why Are So Many Leaving the Catholic Church?” You will find this to be an important work for helping us get at the core of the problem. Enjoy!


One Response to Why Are They Leaving?

  1. Jennifer A. says:

    Thanks for pointing us to this. I, too, read with baited breath. I esp liked ideas about better apologetics and education among teens. Too many teen programs revolve around social causes and social activities ONLY and stop instructing on the Faith. The ability for the teenagers to really be fed meat and potatoes to complete their foundation is lost … sometimes forever.

    I’m desparately trying to find material to feed my kids what I feel is missing … what was missing for me growing up. too. Without a solid foundation, the pulls of the world just crumble the house.
    Thanks. Jen.

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