The Mengele Syndrome

Marie at “View from the Pew” makes us think in this election year. Read her article here.

“This man is completely carried away; everything he says and writes has the mark of his egocentrism; this man is capable of trampling on corpses and eliminating anything that is an obstacle. I cannot understand how there are so many people in Germany who do not understand him, and cannot draw conclusions from what he says or writes. Has any of them even read his horrifying ‘Mein Kampf’?”

The above quotation is from Pope Pius XII who seemed to be the only man in Europe to understand Adolf Hitler’s intentions from the beginning! This begs the question how was a whole nation deceived?
They were deceived because in the end people will believe what they want to believe and truth has very little to do with it. Adolf Hitler was not born with the title ‘Der Fuhrer’ neither was he born a monster, he became both of these in his short life. He was able to convince a Nation that genocide was the answer to all their perceived ‘problems’, how could he do this? Because the nation was ready to be seduced and they were.
The next step in Hitlers demonic plan was to convince the German people that murder was the ultimate solution to all their problems. But Hitler was cunning, he knew that the German peoples had to be de-sensitized towards murder, that it would become acceptable, but this had to be done little by little and drip by poison drip. Using stealth and seduction Hitler did precisely that.
Hitler began a programe of forced sterilization of those who were deemed ‘mentally deficient.’ After this success, he began the move towards enforced euthanasia of those deemed by the Nazi’s as unfit to live, approximately 60,000 Germans died using this legal method of murder. These orders were made law and carried out from 1935 to 1939 before Hitler began the Mass extermination of the Jews.
Another ground breaking move made by Hitler was to legalize abortion as he stated with these ‘enlightening’ words, “In view of the large families of the native population, it could only suit us if girls and women there had as many abortions as possible. Active trade in contraceptives ought to be actually encouraged in the Eastern territories, as we could not possibly have the slightest interest in increasing the non-Germanic population.”
Should we be too surprised that almost 70 years later most Western countries also embrace that ‘theory’ and have put it into affect? That ‘catholics’ are also embracing this ‘enlightened’ way of thinking and like the Nazi’s, genocide has also been sanitized into more acceptable terms such as Pro-Choice, and the baby is called a ‘cell’. We are in this day and age living the Nazi ideal, some simply don’t know it yet, they are too busy supporting this genocide of the innocents.
As the Germans threw out the Crucifix and embraced the Swastika should we not feel alarmed when within our own countries there are organizations which are attempting to ban the Crucifix from all Government buildings and institutions? Some have also taken the step to have the Ten Commandments removed. Who is frightened by the Commandments of God? Only those who are breaking them!
Just as in Nazi Germany it becomes dangerous when a country accepts evil as a good, and murders it’s most vulnerable citizens, rather than live by their Faith which opposes murder.
In our own day we are living the ‘Mengele Syndrome’ where abortion is now legal in most Western countries. Where scientists perform experiments on human embryo’s, as well as trying to create human life in a test tube. Is there not a move to use euthanasia as a viable alternative to end human suffering as well as dispose of those who are born with disabilities?
Have we not become what we hate?
When you listen to and vote for politicians who embrace the Pro-Choice platform you have become the enemy. You have been seduced into accepting murder as a right. When did God cede Power to man?
The most scary aspect is, that Adolf Hitler was not born evil, yet he became it. The entire German people were not born evil, yet they supported it. The worlds population at that time were not born evil yet they ignored it. When evil knocks at your door will you recognise it’s dark message? Our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI warns us with these wise words, “The more one understands the holiness of God, the more one understands the opposite of what is holy, namely, the deceptive masks of the devil”
How did Hitler murder over 6 million people, because he could. The question is did we learn from history or are we repeating it?
Written by Marie

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