God Gives Light to the Humble

Raphael's Madonna Della SeggiolaAs Mary’s Anawim, we draw inspiration from her. As such, we engage the world through the portal of humility (I am the maidservant of the Lord …). One of the great minds of all human history was Socrates who, in his wisdom, put it this way: “As for me, all I know is that I know nothing.”

This wisdom in humility brings teachability. Fr. Dubay emphasizes the point this way: “Scripture itself tells us, ‘Before you speak, learn’ (Sirach 18:19, RSV). Not everyone of course can be a scholar; lack of time and/or talent prevents it. But the conclusion we draw is not that no one may speak, but rather that one should not assert a position unless he knows from an unerring teacher or he has mastered the subject himself” (p. 29, HAYP).

How true it is that many of the struggles to bring sound catechesis and moral teaching to the world revolve around the fact that many are willing to make their stand on certain beliefs and moral issues based on their presuppositions formulated by the latest news report from the infamous liberal media or Dr. Phil or Rosie O’Donnell, rather than from their own research and study, or from true experts who have spent years formulating their stance based on in-depth research, study and prayerful discernment. I know that, personally, in the face of such spiritual and intellectual giants, I’m with Socrates: “As for me, all I know is that I know nothing.”

Prayerful discernment … this leads to Fr. Dubay’s next emphasis necessary for openness to truth: “Attaining ultimate truth requires conversion of mind and heart. People imbibe correct and valid basic principles when they honestly and selflessly pursue absolute truth, goodness, beauty. God gives light to the humble, the pure, the loving. And we are not such until we are converted from the distortions flowing from our original fall and our personal sins. A serious attempt to live a God-centered life is an indispensible condition for doing theology — and indeed for understanding evangelical poverty in the context of the Christic economy. This is one reason the saints are so important later on in this study: they are converted, wonderfully converted, heroically converted” (p. 29-30, HAYP).


One Response to God Gives Light to the Humble

  1. Mary Smith says:

    Being a woman of the world…it took me YEARS…to learn what I don’t know and still don’t know!!!! And how easy it is for us to absorb the culture of comfort…to seek the level of religion compatible with our goals…our needs, our desires…and forgetting that need to place God first, not US…

    I can remember being a completely liberal cradle Catholic who preached the ideals of presumption, that if I lead a “good life” and am “nice” to everyone, God will forgive me for whatever I do in this life and that there is NOT a hell. That was made up by “men” of the church to keep WOMEN in line.

    YIKES…far too often our sin is that of presumption…WE know best…BUT what do we know???? Other than God is SO great in his forgiveness of our weaknesses…and..HE also is a JUST God!


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